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Be careful if you plane to replace your iPhone battery yourself, because you just might bend or damage your case, 1000mg Allopurinol. Allopurinol mexico, I remember the first iPod I took apart. It was a 3rd generation iPod and I had to replace the battery in it, Allopurinol japan, Allopurinol coupon, and ended up bending the case. It was one I got off eBay and the serial number was scratched out, Allopurinol craiglist, Allopurinol overseas, so I'm sure it was stolen.

Anyway, 10mg Allopurinol, Allopurinol usa, case is sensitive, be careful!

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eMac dual screen

My lovely husband gave me his old eMac due to my constant whining and complaining about Vista. Let me add, it was endless whining and complaining, and I'd do the same thing just to shut me up. Anyway, I'm a dual screen type of girl. I love my real estate, and the bigger the better. The more programs and tasks I have going, the happier and more comfortable I am. I quickly learned that this eMac, while only being 3 years old, didn't support dual display's. I quickly turned to Google for answers and found a spanning program called Screen Spanning Doctor v0.3.3 that did the trick for me. Now, every time I ran it it would ask me to restart. I did this only once before I checked to see if it was really running. Next thing I know, dual monitor functionality is working. Here's a pick of the eMac, the extra monitor and my Vista box at the very right. eMac dual screens & vista

Looking for Police Gear?

Halloween is over, but it's never too late to start shopping for next year! Get your 5.11 tactical items early. They have free shipping on all orders over $50.

From gear bags, to tactical knives to my favorite money saving section, closeouts!

This police gear doesn't come with badges or anything, so that's all stuff you'll have to do yourself. This is real authentic police gear, go get yours today!

This quarter is over! Grades came back ..

Well, this quarter is over and I got my grades back.


I just need to keep it up. Google does take a look at your over all grades and GPA, as well as grades for individual classes. It's worth it. Class doesn't start again till the 21st (day my Mother gets here for Thanksgiving) but I can log in on the 19th.

Only one more year left! 

Are you a honker?

Interesting things happen on my drive into work but I'm usually not awake enough to retain those incidents into memory until I have a chance to blog about it. I just happen to retain that this morning, by whatever means.

So I'm sitting at a red light this morning, in the left lane next to the turn lane headed southbound and this long line of cars pull up wanting to turn. The green arrow comes on for the left turn lane and not even a second went by when someone starts honking at the end of the line, about the same time the first car starts making the left hand turn.

I'm torn when it comes to honking. I'll sure do it if it's obvious someone isn't paying attention and really doesn't see the green arrow, but this is after I see the person looking down or somewhere else other then stop light, and this is after maybe 5 seconds. I one of those that gets out their iPod or iPhone and changes a song, or checks text messages at a red light because frankly, I get a little bored after a minute or two. In this situation this morning, it was a little different. The person that honked, was just honking for the joy of pissing people off, or maybe to release frustration not otherwise related to waiting a whole second before actually moving. No, this guy that honked this morning was just a jerk. The honk wasn't directed toward me, but I felt sorry for the car in the front of the line, because after all, it's morning and how many people are really awake first thing in the morning? Isn't that what the mad morning rush for coffee is all about?

If you are a honker, maybe you should stop and think about it a little before pressing on that horn. Are you really trying to make everyone else's morning as bad as yours, or are you just angry? Don't be a jerk, mmkay?

Looking for Education Grants & Scholarships?

Being a college student myself, I know all about the cost education. At CTU my financial advisors were very helpful in helping me find the financial means to get my degree, but they pride themselves in working one-on-one with students. Not every student has this opportunity. is a great place to find education grants and scholarships.

They have an extensive list of grants & college scholarship opportunities that you can search for free. You might even find the scholarship or grant you were looking for.

Visual Tour of Android UI

Ohhh, thank you Engadget!

Visual Tour of Google Android UI


High Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

I'm always looking at new idea's and good deals on upgrading our bathrooms and kitchen at home. Our house is a work in progress .. we didn't buy it new and it was built in the 80's. Some of our fixtures and cabinets are dated, some have already been upgraded.

I found some really nice Franke sinks at Shower Buddy for our kitchen. They have free ground shipping for anyone in the continental United States. Shipping for any product is always a killer, so that's money saved right there!

They have a lot of high-quality products available, so check em out!

Google’s Android OS – SDK available

I have to say, the print screens look pretty impressive. They have a very stylish web 2.0 look to them. I am very curious to actually see Andriod on a live working phone that I could play with.

Pictures of Google Android OS - Engadget

Check out the pictures.

CTU Supports the iPhone

I can log into my classes at CTU on my iPhone:

Demoniod Trackers are gone …

It looks like Demonoid is really gone, with the last of the trackers going offline. As with any torrent site, there is another one around the corner that will be even bigger and better then the last. That is, until it's taken down too.

OiNK has put up a "save Oink" site. Pretty in pink.

Pay Per Post is awesome!

Over the last few years I've really wanted to get a mac. My husband is an avid mac user and he got one of the new 20" iMac's for his birthday. After seeing his, I was completely sold. Not only do I really really want one, but the geek in me says .. gimmie gimmie! Money is a little tight however, and there is no better way of getting paid for doing something I love. BLOGGING! I get paid for blogging by doing blog reviews by Pay Per Post.

I recently got to review and write about Stephen King's upcoming movie, The Mist. I would have written about that anyway, but now I'm getting paid to do it! It's also released me a bit from writers block, and I'm finding great deals all over the Internet. It's so easy. This extra little change is what I'm saving up for my new 24" iMac ... it's a geek's dream :)

You can do it too!

My dream is to work at Google

Everyone who knows me (mostly) knows that my ultimate dream is to work at Google. Every once and a while I'll go to their job site to see if there is anything new and/or exciting. First place I usually head to is the student section where jobs are advertised for new graduates, because one day I will be a new graduate. Google never fails to deliver.

In my visit this morning I learned they have a Google HQ in Atlanta. That is just way too cool. This is just a dream for me now, but one day I hope to accomplish it and for that to happen we would have to move. Again. I hate moving. This solves everything.

So, thank you Google.

Super Media Store deals

It's either I have too many, or I don't have enough. I was toolin' around and found a great deal on jewel cases. I always look for good deals on DVD+R DL and you can't beat $1.89 a disk. They have everything from CD/DVD media, to computer hardware, to toner cartridges and the prices look really reasonable.

My favorite section was the iPhone deals! The have Silicone Skin with Free Armbands and of course, shipping is free all for $13.98 .. most silicon skin covers are over $20.00. They have iPod adapters for just about every situation and iPod speaks for $14.99.

Check out Super Media Store ... great deals!

Today in news

Friday doesn't bring good news to Demoniod today. Trackers are still live however, so they are anticipating a demoniod return. Only one line displays on the demonoid site right now ..

The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

Yay for UK people getting the iPhone. iPhone update today too! For jailbreak users, don't download because the TIFF exploit has been patched.

The Mist by Stephen King

Gahhhh! I'm so excited. I was watching TV with the hubby the other night, and this trailer for an upcoming movie by Stephen King played. I'm a big Stephen King fan, and my husband has read most of his books 2, 3, 4 times a piece. Since we enjoy going to used bookstores, we've made it a quest to get everything Stephen King has ever written, but the catch is, the book has to be used. Anyway, I remember reading one of his books that's full of short stories, and while I was watching this trailer on TV it came to me! The Mist!!!!! It's my favorite stories (that really feels like a full length novel) Mr. King has ever written. Lookie ..

The Mist by Stephen King

The story takes place in a small town in Maine (one of Mr. Kings favorite locations to base his stories from). A particular mist starts to form over the lake and while the man and his son go to the grocery story little do they know, the mist takes over the whole town. What's in the mist? What causes the mist? What horrible monsters are waiting for them in the mist?

Put that on your calendars folks ... who's going with me? Ready for another ride of horror by the master himself?

Overkill with email signatures

We have a new IT girl at one of our sites. She actually took the place of someone that had been there as long as I've been with this company. After about a week I've been noticing that her signature on her emails has been .. why don't we say, growing. I always have to laugh at HUGE signatures on emails because people put so much energy into either having the best one, or trying to make themselves look as important as they possibly can. This girls, is a bit ... overkill. Here is an example of what she has:

(work email)
(personal email)
(back up email)
(home phone)
(work cell)
(personal cell)
(msn messenger)
(yahoo messenger)
(aim messenger)

Now, everyone in IT has an electronic leash, may it be a cell phone or pager or something. I'm fairly certain that this girl can be found wherever she is. I wouldn't even give out half of that information. Makes me el oh el (lol).